Let's Get Aquainted


Eating whole foods and cooking at home are the intertwined foundation of how I live. I don’t think of it as “healthful eating” so much as caring for my whole self (body, mind, and spirit). My creative, curious nature expresses itself when I ask “what would I really enjoy? What can I create that would make me feel satisfied, fulfilled, and content?” My meals are built on in-season vegetables and fruits because I believe in their unprocessed, seasonal state, they’re full of potency, vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Vegetarian proteins, spices, herbs, vinegars, and natural fats are as important as the vegetables they partner with to create meals that are wholesome and nourishing.

Cooking is my meditation and means of relaxing; I’d go so far as to say that working in the kitchen is where I feel like my most authentic self. Tying on my apron, washing and preparing ingredients, and transforming them into food that I (and those for whom I cook) will enjoy gives me a sense of satisfaction and pleasure that I am grateful to cultivate. For me, there’s nothing better than sitting down to appreciate and savor the “gifts on a plate” that I’ve made for myself. 

A Little History


My current food journey, as a “Curious Vegetarian”, began on Thanksgiving Day, 1990. After a less-than-satisfying traditional meal, and having recently read Diet for a New America by John Robbins (1987), I decided to give up animal products and explore what life as a vegetarian would be like. 

Embarking on this journey long before restaurants and grocery stores offered much in the way of vegetarian (let alone vegan) options, propelled me in two symbiotic directions: into the kitchen to learn to cook & bake and towards world cuisines that offer vegetarian dishes as standard fare. 

Seeking out cookbooks, learning techniques, tasting all kinds of vegetables, beans, fruits, condiments, and herbs & spices, and diving into other countries’ cooking traditions became not only a rich and delicious way of feeding myself and others, but an inspiration for my creativity, curiosity, and vegetarian lifestyle that continues to this day.

I look forward to sharing parts of my journey with you.